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This memorial for Professor Edward A. Allworth was created to show my appreciation for his significant contributions to Central Asian studies. The information I gathered about his family and academic accomplishments is important, yet the personal relationships he built over the years with his family, friends, students and academic colleagues cannot be emphasized enough. Many people benefitted from the love, care, wisdom and compassion the Professor selflessly gave to support their personal and intellectual growth. It is only befitting that I invite those who knew the Professor to contribute their memories as the best way to honor him. Each individual contribution will add value to this memorial and bring a new dimension to Professor Allworth’s legacy. I invite all those who knew our dear Professor as well as those interested in Central Asian studies to contribute.



Anyone who had a personal relationship with Professor Edward Allworth, from family members, friends, his former students and colleagues from Columbia University and beyond are encouraged to provide information. Also, those interested in Central Asian studies are welcome to contribute their thoughts and ideas for the enhancement of this memorial. 


Contributions may include photographs, documents, videos or any materials you deem relevant to Professor Allworth's legacy. All contributions will be recognized and credits cited. 


Please email me at:

I will send you additional details via email on how to upload all relevant information on google drive. After review, I will upload all applicable information on the website and the contributors will be notified via email.


I express my sincere gratitude to all contributors in advance.

Orhan Babakurban

New York, December 1, 2020


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